Liquid Token Fund

The Liquid Token Fund offers our partners a differentiated risk/return profile when compared to the general digital assets asset market while avoiding exposure to leverage, ICOs, or uncovered shorts. By following our own digital assets-native valuation frameworks to identify short-to-medium term dislocations in the digital assets market, we are able to provide both long and short exposure for our partners using proprietary technology & methods we have developed in-house over the last half decade. While our core positions may rotate in weighting, we utilize a first principles approach to invest in assets that have a clear product market fit and real world value proposition as it relates to institutional adoption of the digital assets economy. We are activist investors through governance in our portfolio assets to drive long term value creation and keep our fingers on the pulse in this fast-paced emerging market. The ultimate result is a safer and more effective exposure to the best digital assets digital assets has to offer, in real time.


Positions: UApprox. 10-25 digital assets

Time Horizon:: Daily to Months

Position Size: None<30% of portfolio

Position Liquidity Non>10% of avg. daily vol

Long Exposure: 17%

Short Exposure: 0%

Cash Exposure: 25-50%

Example Positions:  Bitcoin (BTC)  , Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM)

Launch: Jan 2020

Management Fee: 2%

Incentive Fee: 20%

Standard Lockup: 1 yr. soft (3% redeem penalty)

Redemption 60 days

High Water Mark Yes

SEC Reg:: 3c1

Investor Requirement: Accredited Investor

Fund Administrator: NAV

Legal Counsel: Cole-Frieman & Mallon

Auditor: Marcum LLP

Tax and Reporting:: K-1

Premo Technology™

Lightning Capital’s algorithmic trading technology is designed to leverage human-in-the-loop input to filter and evaluate 100k+ potential trades per hour. Our PM and analysts actively mitigate risk, optimize for alpha, and diversify trading strategies across exchanges and coins/tokens.


Charles Hwang CFA, CPA

Chief Investment Officer

Charles Hwang is the Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer of Lightning Capital. The Fund is focused primarily on capitalizing on inefficiencies in the digital assetsasset market based on a proven methodology. Before founding the hedge fund, Mr. Hwang was a valuation consultant and a forensic accountant at Ernst & Young LLP. Prior to that, he worked as a Senior Equity Trader starting in May 2000. He is also an Adjunct at Baruch College teaching a course on blockchain and digital assetsassets. Mr. Hwang received his Master’s of Accountancy degree from the Baruch College and his B.S. in Economics from the University of Rochester. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Jason Albanese

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder & CEO, Centric Digital Co-founder & CEO, Sage Secure Chapter Chair, YPO Manhattan BA Economics, Union College

Jock Percy PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder & CTO, FX Ecosystem VP Sharp Corp, BT, Acecomm PhD Economics, Canterbury, UCL

Augie Smith

Chief Data Officer

CTO, Centric DigitalCTO, CODAProduct, NewsCredAnalytics Director, Medialets

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