The first Digital Asset Management company built on trust.

Since 2018, Lightning Capital has provided safe exposure to digital assets  that span the risk/reward spectrum.


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A disciplined approach.

If crypto is the wild west. We are the sheriff building community through trust. We prudently navigate opportunity and risk to locate the best Digital Asset investments. We have experience, a networked community and proprietary trading technology called Premo™


Liquid Token

Liquid Tokens in US Exchanges

Fund offers our partners a differentiated risk/return profile when compared to the general crypto asset market while avoiding exposure to leverage, ICOs, foreign exchanges, or uncovered shorts.

Systematic Arbitrage
& Yield Fund

Low risk crypto based income

Fund provides a low risk and high quality yield that takes advantage of decentralized finance (DeFi) yield protocols, systemic exchange arbitrage and automated market making (AMM) through Lightning Capital’s Premo™ technology.

fund I

Early stage tokens & investments

Fund focuses on early stage crypto investments with the largest total addressable markets in projects,  protocols and picks and shovels (businesses that are providers of hardware, software, and services to the crypto ecosystem).



When we launched in 2020 we built upon a foundation of trust which included trusted partners to ensure Audited Financials (Marcum LLC), abide by strict Regulatory Governance (Cole-Frieman Mallon) and Accurate and Timely external Fund Administration (NAV Consulting). Trust is integral to everything we do.


We are active participants in building a valuable community across Developers, Capital Markets, Venture Capital, YPO and Tiger 21. By giving as much as we can to this network, we are engaged with communities that provide insights into many token projects.

Due Diligence

The General Partners engage in rigorous due diligence,  fundamental analysis and have refused to work with unregulated exchanges. We also avoid any US exchanges that don’t pass our due diligence process. While this has been a very conservative approach, it is prudent especially in light of recent events. This helped us avoid exposure with FTX, Blockfi, Genesis, and Galaxy Digital.


Technology infrastructure and development are the tenements to Crypto’s future. We have invested time and now Venture Capital in Crypto Innovation. Our recent launch of our proprietary  Systematic Trading Technology called Premo ™ will add fuel to success across our funds.


Picture of Jason Albanese

Jason Albanese

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder & CEO, Centric Digital Co-founder & CEO, Sage Secure Chapter Chair, YPO Manhattan BA Economics, Union College
Picture of Jason Albanese

Charles Hwang CFA, CPA

Chief Investment Officer

EY Consultant, Accountant, Trader, Crypto Adjunct Professor, Baruch College MS Accountancy, BS Economics, University of Rochester
Picture of Jason Albanese

Jock Percy PhD

Chief Financial Officer

Founder & CEO, Perseus HFT, Co-Founder & CTO, FX Ecosystem, VP Sharp Corp, VP BT, VP Acecomm, YPO Manhattan, PhD Economics, Canterbury, UCL
Picture of Jason Albanese

Augie Smith

Chief Data Officer

CTO, Centric Digital CTO, CODA Product, News Cred Analytics Director, Medialets
Picture of Jason Albanese

Amy Coveny

Head of Investor Relations

Managing Partner Quake Capital Global Head of Audio, MGNI (Nasdaq), Sr. Director, Rubicon Project


Picture of Jason Albanese

Roger Goldman

Fmr Chairman of AMEX Bank

Picture of Jason Albanese

John Quelch

Dean of University of Miami

Picture of Jason Albanese

Jonathan Wainwright

Senior Counsel, Cadwalader


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Cole-Friedman & Mallon

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NAV Consulting

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