Lightning Venture Fund I

Focused on early stage crypto investments with the largest total addressable markets in projects,  protocols and picks and shovels - businesses that are providers of hardware, software, and services to the digital asset and Web3 ecosystem. Lightning Capital uses deep industry analysis and machine learning diligence to narrow a universe of  +1,000’s of opportunities to target 10-20 investments ranging from $0.5M to $5.0M investment size and aim to lead investments and provide deep operational expertise to our portfolio companies.


Fund Size:
$30M rolling close. $50M max

Target Investments: 10-20

CoInvest Fund Ratio: 2:1

First Close: 06/30/2023

Fund Life: 10 years

Investment  Period: 24 Months

Launch: Jan 2023

Management Fee: 2%

Performance Fee: 20%

Minimum: $250,000

Investor Requirement : AccreditedInvestor

Capital Calls: Monthly

Tax Reporting: K-1


GP Experience


Years of Operator Experience


GP Founder Exits


Capital Raised

GP Venture Investment Record




Exits including 1 IPO


Blended IRR



Funding the Infrastructure of digital assets

Investing in the companies and teams that are soundly building the future of digital asset to give power and value back to digital asset users and improve the user experience including: Picks and Shovels, Projects and Protocols; Companies that institutionalize the digital asset ecosystem; Teams that will deliver value to users and improve the user experience.


Funding an unserved investment gap

Funding an unserved investment gap in the early stage digital asset space that exists between Seed and Series A. We invest between $500k to $5M.


2023 - Best Venture Vintage since 2003

The market conditions for 2023 Venture Funds so closely resemble the market conditions of 2003 which was the best ever venture capital vintage, before now.


Multiple Options for Liquidity & Distributions

Our strategy provides multiple options for liquidity and distributions, including; token issuance, strategic secondaries and M&A. We do not need IPOs to exit positions.


Jock Percy

General Partner, Portfolio Manager, CFO

Jock is a Finance & Technology professional with deep expertise in Finance, Technology, Network Technology, Trading & Market Connectivity. Jock was founder and CEO of Perseus, the ultra low latency high frequency trading infrastructure whose investors were PFG, SVB and Goldman Sachs, and also FXecosystem, foreign exchange trading infrastructure. Perseus became the world's leading provider of high-speed global networks, colocation and trading technologies whose customers included almost all the world's top-tier banks, market makers, market data and exchanges and Fortune 500 companies and an early adopter of blockchain technology and digital assets. Jock was recognized by various awards including; Financial News Rising Stars in Trading & Technology 40 under 40, The FinTech Top 50, INC 500, Financial News Rising Stars in Trading & Technology 40 under 40, Invest Hong Kong Grand Award Winner, Institutional Investor Tech 50, and Crain's. Jock read his PhD in Economics at University of Canterbury and University College London. He is an active Young Presidents Organization member and serves on the board of YPO Manhattan. He is Co-Chair of the Children’s Museum East End, NY.

Jason Albanese

GP & Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder & CEO, Centric Digital Co-founder & CEO, Sage Secure Chapter Chair, YPO Manhattan BA Economics, Union College

Charles Hwang CFA, CPA

GP & Chief Investment Officer

Equity Trader, EY Forensic Valuation Consultant Blockchain Professor Baruch NYMS Accountancy, Baruch College. BS Economics, University of Rochester

Amy Coveny

Operations Director
Head of Investor Relations

Managing Partner Quake Capital VC, Global Head of Audio, MGNI (Nasdaq)Sr. Director, Rubicon Project

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