Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business Crypto Webinar with Lightning Capital CIO Charles Hwang


Webinar Series

Please join Dean Fenwick Huss, Larry Zicklin, faculty members, and special guests for these webinars, featuring business executives and faculty discussing current business topics. This webinar series is offered by the Office of Executive Programs.

Are Cryptoassets Really Cryptic?

December 14, 11am EST

Some have called cryptoassets and currencies like Bitcoin the Wild West of Finance. More are being created, their uses are expanding, and businesses and even governments are adopting them. And, these innovations are taking place at an unprecedented pace.

Stepping back to basics, what, exactly, are they?  Why were they created? What risks do they pose, and what should regulators charged with protecting markets and investors be doing? Do they have the potential for bringing about profound changes in how we pay for goods and services and for our traditional financial intermediaries?

Larry Zicklin (BBA ‘57; bottom, left) discusses these questions with Charles Hwang (MS, ’15; top, left), the Founder and CIO of Lightning Capital and an adjunct professor at the Zicklin School, where he teaches a course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies; and Associate Professor Nizan Geslevich Packin (top, center), who researches and writes about fintech, ethical implications of digital technologies, cybersecurity, and other topics. With an introduction by Dean Fenwick Huss (right) and a Q&A session moderated by Associate Dean Gwen Webb (top, right).