Web 3.0, Crypto and the Internet of Things with Charles Hwang and Jason Albanese

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University podcast. Jon is joined by Charles Hwang and Jason Albanese of Lightening Capital. This is a future focused discussion about Web 3.0, crypto and the internet of things. It's about what's coming and how new technologies are setting the stage for a massive market disruption. If you've thought about crypto only as a currency like Bitcoin, think again. But you'll only find out why if you listen all the way though.    If you enjoy this, be sure to share it with others and let us know. Leave a review on Apple podcasts or wherever you’re listening. You can also post on social and tag Jon Gordon.   Our featured resource this week is our FREE 7-Day Positive Leadership Challenge. You can sign up at positiveleadershipchallenge.com. Each day for 7 days Jon will send you a leadership lesson via email with a simple action that you can take that day to amplify your leadership impact. And by the way, you don’t need a title to be a leader. This applies to everyone because everyone has influence. Join in and let’s raise our leadership potential together.