US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase makes stock market debut
The digital currency boom has boosted the Coinbase trading platform to stunning heights. On Wednesday it made its debut on the Nasdaq, becoming the first major cryptocurrency company to go public in the US.

How to Navigate the Future of Cryptocurrency with Charles Hwang
Ivy is trilled to host Charles Hwang, Managing Partner at Lighting Capital, Baruch College Professor teaching Blockchain and Cryptoasset Applications, and expert in cryptoassets!

Kyber Overhauled its Protocol and Token Holders Love It
Kyber is launching a so-called “DMM” or an automated Dynamic Market Maker – allowing for permissionless liquidity contribution. Kyber DMM’s Programmable Pricing Curves allows liquidity pool creators to customize the pricing curve.

Get Rid of Your 529 Plan, Open a Coverdell
Original research piece by Lightning Capital’s Charles Hwang. As university costs increase at an average inflation rate of 8% a year, how does someone try to save for a college degree? Many financial advisors and journalists preach the importance of opening a state 529 plan. However, how many parents are actually fully funding these plans to pay for all four years? I’ll explain the drawbacks of the 529 plan further and why I started the Coverdell Education Savings Account when my kids were born. I consider it superior to the 529 plan in several ways, IF it is done right.

Baruch Talk on Bitcoin Halving Event by Lightning Capital's Charles Hwang
Is bitcoin a good hedge against inflation? What is the bitcoin halving event and how does this affect bitcoin's price? Baruch alumnus and adjunct professor Charles Hwang of Lightning Capital will discuss how the current pandemic could accelerate the adoption of bitcoin, why bitcoin is still not dead, and what types of disruption may be primed to hit the financial system.

The Best Time to Start or Expand a Bitcoin Mining Operation
If there was an ideal time to start or expand a bitcoin (BTC) mining operation, it’s probably the year when the bitcoin halving event occurs. It is a method to arbitrage electricity prices with the optionality of the bitcoin price rising. We recently witnessed the third halving event in May 2020 where the coinbase transaction decreased to 6.25 BTC from 12.50 BTC.

Regal Assets on Lightning Capital's Bitcoin Halving Research
The recent prediction by Charles Hwang, managing member of the Lightning Capital hedge fund and adjunct professor at Baruch College, echoes the feelings of many technical analysts in the crypto sphere. Hwang put forth his hypothesis in a recent Medium post, while making the convservative assumption that demand will stay steady through 2021.

Kitco on Lightning Capital's Bitcoin Halving & Digital Gold Research
2020 is expected to be another year of significant uncertainty and turmoil. But the question is what asset will emerge the victor when the dust settles from the global trade war, Brexit, recession threats, negative bond yields. It’s a showdown of global proportions, so don’t miss all our exclusive coverage on how these factors could impact your 2020 investment decisions.

Germany's Krypto Report on Lightning Capital's Research
The Bitcoin Halving Event is just around the corner in May 2020. Then the reward for the Bitcoin miners will be reduced from the current 12.5 Bitcoin (BTC) per block to only 6.25 BTC. Coin inflation then drops from around 3.7% to 1.8% per year. Many investors expect a price rally in Bitcoin due to the halving - but how realistic is such a scenario? More on this in the video.

FX Street on Lightning Capital's Bitcoin Halving Research
The anticipation surrounding Bitcoin's third halving event has started to gain momentum across the market. The Managing Member of Lighting Capital, a hedge fund management fund, Charles Hwang predicts that the event will positively impact Bitcoin price in the range between $20,000 and $50,000.